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Walnut Creek Standby Generators

A standby generator is a wise investment for your home. Disasters strike, power outages happen and without backup your home can be left without power for hours, if not days. A standby generator can alleviate some of the worry and help you avoid the hassle of wasted food, powerless appliances and being left in the dark. Be prepared for emergencies and add an extra layer of security with a standby generator.

Generator Installation

Of course, the generator must be installed before it can be enjoyed. With a professional installation from 123 RELE, your generator will be up and running in no time. If you live in Walnut Creek , you can be sure that you will not have to search for very long for quality service.

At 123 RELE, our trained professionals understand how to install generators in an efficient and safe manner. As licensed electricians, our professionals understand not only how to install generators but how to work with and troubleshoot electrical systems.

We also are aware of the problems regarding installation such as zoning, location, and permits and use that knowledge to advise Walnut Creek homeowners. Our company stays informed and up to date on all codes that may impact the installation of your generator. We begin by evaluating your location, needs and the potential complexity of the installation. And after the installation is complete, we make certain that you understand your new system.

Generator Repair and Maintenance

Our work does not stop at installation. Because all generators require occasional maintenance and repair, we include repair and maintenance in our standby generator services. With our extended services, the standby generator in your Walnut Creek home will remain in optimal condition for longer.