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Lighting Installation in Walnut Creek

Are you thinking about making some upgrades to your home? Lighting is the perfect way to highlight your landscaping and make your home safer outside, while accenting specific architectural designs, artwork or other features inside the home. You won’t know the different accent lights will makes, until you have them installed in your home by our talented, professional team at 123 RELE located in Walnut Creek.

Some home electrical jobs can be handled by DIY buffs that have rudimentary knowledge of electrical systems. These would include changing light bulbs and installing a dimmer switch but more involved electrical and lighting jobs should be left to electricians that have specific knowledge and experience in that particular area. Those that need to install ceiling lights, electrical outlets and other more complex jobs should always choose an expert to make sure the job is done correctly and safely.

The electrical experts servicing Walnut Creek are licensed, bonded and very professional. We make sure that our team at 123 RELE meets all your electrical lighting needs.

Inside Light Options:

Indoor lights can range from a quick fix to new installation. Our experts can help you transform your Walnut Creek home and can help with numerous services including:

  • General, interior and accent lights
  • Electrical and lighting repairs.

No matter how complex your needs are, the experts at 123 RELE will suggest lights that accentuate the best parts of your home. Innovative lighting options and fixtures can turn your home from “ho-hum” into a showpiece.

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