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Standby Generator in Oakley

Having a standby generator is a great idea in areas that are frequented by severe storms and extreme cold or heat. Having a back-up plan in place ensures that you can be as comfortable as possible in your home or business during critical natural disasters and weather events. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, over 8 million residents were left without power for hours and, in some cases – days, making it necessary for them to move to other areas for safety. If you want peace of mind then contact 123 RELE, a trusted Oakley standby generator provider.

The expert team of installation experts at 123 RELE will work with customers to make sure a standby generator is the best choice for them and to make them aware of any restrictions in their geographical area.

Below is an overview of how standby generators work.

Is a Standby Generator Right for You?

Generators are the preferred solution for many in areas that experience extended electrical outages. These generators are permanently installed and connected directly to your home’s electrical source. They typically run on natural gas, liquid propane or diesel fuel. Standby generators automatically switch on when they detect an interruption of electric service, and shut down and restart your home grid when power returns. They are often a necessary requirement for those in Oakley with small children, the elderly and those that need uninterrupted service.

Choosing an Expert Standby Generator Installer

Installing a standby generator is a job for an electrical expert and not for the unexperienced. The experts at 123 RELE will inspect your Oakley home or business and let you know what the right solution is for you.

Contact the experts at 123 RELE today: To speak to an electrical expert about standby generator installation and to answer any questions you may have, call (514) 716-1027 today.